” The internal singles competitions”
In order not to cause any log jam, can I ask you to please adhere to the play by dates, and let me know if you cannot.
The rules are quite straight forward:-
1. 4 wood singles, with the first person to 21 shots declared the winner.
2. Toss for jack, 2 trial woods if needed.
3. The first named player to arrange a marker, and the second named player to pick the rink using the Blue numbered counters.
4. Play not allowed before 12.00 am, and “Greys and Whites” is the dress code. Match date to be entered in the diary.
I suggest that you arrange to play during the Tuesday, of Friday roll-ups, and I am willing to be a marker if you cannot find one.
Enjoy the matches and good luck.
Regards John Collins, (Competition Secretary).